TUGZ-Impuls! - Foundation support at the OVGU

Project manager: Dr. Gerald Böhm
Project agent: Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Jonas Crackau
Project website: http://www.tugz.ovgu.de
Financed by: EU - ESF Saxony-Anhalt; 01.10.2018 until 30.09.2021

Over the past few years, successful packags of measures and offers have been developed in the areas of awareness raising as well as entrepreneurship education, in the implmentation of structures start-up advice and start-up support, co-working and, ultimately, entrepreneurial spirit. 

At the heart of the project are three strategic approaches

  1. Internationalization
    On the one hand, this includes the formation of teams with international composition at the Magdeburg site and the training of teams for international market entry and investors.
  2. Integration of the potential of MakerLabs
    This includes a close and structured integration of the existing incubators at the OVGU into the overarching start-up, especially in the area of product development. 
  3. Impregnate of the OVGU
    This includes:
    (i) regular presence of start-up coaches in the faculties with agile process models
    (ii) active and systematic scouting for potential start-up personalities, start-up ideas and property rights. 



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