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Start Me Up is the Matching-Event for all, who wants to make the world a better place – whether as a founder or as (one of the first) employees of a startup in Magdeburg.

Start Me Up

Thursday, June 28, 2018

18:00 - 21:30 Uhr







What happens at Start Me Up?

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We want to bring together the founders scene in Saxony-Anhalt. For this purpose, we have divided the event into two phases:


Phase 1: Speed-Dating

Locals will be organised in small groups, and each group will be with a founding team.

The groups will have about 5 minutes with the founding team to ask them questions about their business idea and how the individual can support the team.

After the 5 minutes are up, the groups will rotate to the next founding team. 

Phase 2: Networking

After an hour, we will move on to an informal networking session.

By food and drinks, you will get the chance to talk in more detail to the funding teams.


Find support for your startup project.

Are you looking for partners to help you start your own business?


At Start Me Up you will meet people who want to make a difference!


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Find the startup project that suits you.

You do not want to start your own startup yet, but you want to work for a local startup to get your first experience?


At Start Me Up you will meet founders looking for you!


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Sales Manager

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Quereinsteiger und Macher



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 Mobile Entwickler


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Online Marketer

KI Entwickler

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Backend Developer

Cloud Architekt


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engagierte Studenten


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Why You Should Attend


In school and university we see so little of the world. Take the opportunity and get to know some great personalities at Start Me Up, who will inspire you with their extraordinary ways of life.


Does a job in a large corporation scare you off because you want to live out your passion and make a difference in the world?

Your future job isn't written yet? You can make it whatever you want. As a founder you have a maximum room for manoeuvre. As one of the first employees almost as much.


All founders know this sentence: "Come down to earth." But inside is a restlessness, the dream to do something different, something valuable to build, ...

Above all, they see the opportunity to fulfill all their wishes in their own startup. At Start Me Up, you'll meet like-minded people.


A nice evening also needs a nice environment and something to snack and drink. We have put together a nice ensemble for you.

Founder teams from Magdeburg open their offices for you - a real eye-catcher.


Working for a startup can boost your personal development. Their horizontal organizational strucure allows you to discover yourselves and to develop their own talents and potential.

Go for it!


In established companies, you may not be able to select your team members – they will be selected randomly from across the organization. 

In a partnership, we choose exactly who we want to share our life with. Why not in professional life?!


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Urwahn Engineering GmbH

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Impressions of Start Me Up

„Start Me Up provides the perfect platform for interacting and getting to know the small but steadily emerging startup community in Magdeburg. It’s relatively small size makes it perfect for gatherings like this for newcomers and people interested in startups to get a head-start into the startup scene in Magdeburg. Added to that, the unique structure of the event involving a speed-dating-like event, for whatever reason, be it jobs or connections in general, makes sure connections are made all around.“

Rahul Jethwani



„During the Start Me Up event, I realised that I was among people who's visions, dreams or wishes were becoming a reality. This is definitely the place where you want to be to get inspirations, idea or maybe even get a job. I really liked the speed dating activity where we had just a bit of time to introduce yourself to founders of companies and see if there was a potential match between both sides. More than that, it is of great value to actually create a network of people with the same hunger that I have for founding a company.

José Lopez

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